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Revolutionizing Vehicle Control with Steer By Wire Technology

- Cutting-edge steer by wire technology for advanced vehicle control

- Innovative development of intelligent chassis systems and ADAS components

- Targeting global leadership as a supplier of intelligent chassis and ADAS components

- Trusted by leading automotive manufacturers such as Changan, Geely, BYD, FAW, Huachen, and Wuling


    Our company is a leading factory specializing in the research, design, production, and service of automotive steering systems. Our latest innovation, the Steer By Wire technology, represents a significant advancement in vehicle control and is poised to revolutionize the automotive industry.

    Cutting-Edge Technology
    Steer By Wire technology, also known as drive by wire steering, offers a revolutionary approach to vehicle control by replacing traditional mechanical linkages with electronic systems. This innovative technology provides precise and responsive steering, enhancing the driving experience and enabling advanced vehicle control features.

    Intelligent Chassis Systems
    Leveraging our expertise in electronic control unit (ECU) technology, we are actively developing intelligent chassis systems, including smart steering, intelligent braking, adaptive suspension, and advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS). Our goal is to establish XEPS as a global leader in supplying intelligent chassis and ADAS components, setting new standards for vehicle safety and performance.

    Industry Recognition
    Our commitment to innovation and excellence has earned the trust of major automotive manufacturers, including Changan, Geely, BYD, FAW, Huachen, and Wuling. Our steer by wire technology is poised to transform the driving experience across a wide range of vehicle platforms, reflecting our dedication to advancing vehicle control and safety.

    In conclusion, Steer By Wire technology represents a significant leap forward in vehicle control, offering precise steering and advanced control features. With our focus on intelligent chassis systems and ADAS components, we are poised to lead the global market as a supplier of cutting-edge automotive technologies.

    By incorporating the latest advancements in steer by wire technology, we are driving the future of vehicle control, setting new standards for precision, safety, and performance.

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