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Introducing the Steering Rack: A Leading Product in Automotive Steering Systems

- Cutting-edge steering rack technology

- Enhanced safety and precision in steering systems

- Customized solutions for various automotive applications

- Industry-leading expertise in electric steering technology

- Trusted partner for major automotive manufacturers

- Continuous innovation and technological advancement



    Our company is a leading factory specializing in the research, design, production, and service of automotive steering systems. Our flagship products include Electric Power Steering (EPS), Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS), and Steer-by-Wire (SBW) systems. We have established partnerships with major automotive manufacturers such as Changan, Geely, BYD, FAW, Huachen, and Wuling. In 2023, our XEPS product was honored as a "Specialized, Sophisticated, New" enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. With an experienced R&D team, we continuously drive technological upgrades and innovations to ensure that our products maintain a leading position in the industry.

    Product Details

    Our steering rack stands out as a pinnacle of innovation and precision in automotive steering systems. With a focus on safety, reliability, and performance, our steering rack offers the following key features:

    Advanced Steering Column Integration: Our steering rack seamlessly integrates with the steering column, ensuring smooth and precise control of the vehicle's direction.

    Precision Steering: The steering rack is engineered to provide enhanced precision, responsiveness, and feedback, offering drivers a confident and comfortable steering experience.

    Electric Steering Expertise: Leveraging our expertise in electric steering technology, our steering rack delivers efficient and reliable performance, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

    Customized Solutions: We understand the diverse needs of automotive manufacturers and offer customized steering rack solutions tailored to specific vehicle requirements, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

    Industry-Leading Quality: Our commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in every steering rack we produce, earning the trust of major automotive manufacturers and drivers worldwide.

    In conclusion, our steering rack represents the pinnacle of innovation, precision, and reliability in automotive steering systems. With a focus on safety, performance, and environmental responsibility, our product is the ideal choice for automotive manufacturers seeking cutting-edge steering solutions.

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